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It all starts
with a vision

Education begins with a vision. The International Item Library envisions a possible future where educational institutions around the world come together to create a collaborative space for sharing public assessment content, expertise and tools. By promoting the culture of educational assessment, this initiative will contribute to developing the quality of education.
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As an innovative global project, the International Item Library will serve as a source of inspiration to showcase different ways of thinking about assessment in education. Institutions within the International Item Library community will share thousands of calibrated items, which may be used to obtain indicators to monitor national or regional assessment programs. These items will also be used to develop global indicators, such as UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals and ultimately to support teachers in creating classroom assessments.

Create, share,

Users of the International Item Library will create and share technology-enhanced items on an open-source and free access platform. These will be comprised of interactive situations and complex task-resolution problems to improve the assessment of 21st-century skills. Collaboration between teachers, administrators, policymakers, designers and developers will foster intense mutual learning between institutions. It will also reinforce national assessment infrastructures and capacity-building.
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